Behold #citrus #tart on a #pedestal. Annoying #food spamming but oh so #delicious. #pastry #icing #diabetic shock (Taken with Instagram)

Dear Mr Davey,Please could Oliver be excused from class. His tiny heart is broken.Yours Sincerely, Llyod Tate.

Submarine. Richard Ayaode directorship plus Alex Turner tunes make adolescence into one hell of a poignantly quirky movie. Poor Oliver.
Entree: French onion soup and gruyere toasted bread. (Taken with instagram)
Main: Vegetable moussaka topped with freaking awesome white cheesy bechamel sauce. (Taken with instagram)
Dessert: 25cm diameter’s worth of baked lemon cheesecake set free from it’s spring-form tin.. (Taken with instagram)
Taken with instagram
Bruce Lee and spicy McLarenvale eggplant salsa. Anyone with a moustache or afro knows how to fight.
She fried some eggplant. The night was golden.
Muppets on sticks.
Doing its duty keeping the Peruvian Coca industry in business.


What Happens to the Coke in Coca-Cola?
The United States (and most other nations) expressly prohibits the sale and trade of coca leaves. But to this day, Coca-Cola needs coca leaves to make its drinks. In order for the drink to continue to exist in its current form, the company has a special arrangement with the Drug Enforcement Administration.
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Film Photography Submission By: alchemyoffilm

Zenit ET, Kodak Portra 160iso